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Potty Training Sticker Chart - Free Printable


Free Potty Training Sticker Chart - Free Printable

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We created this simple potty training chart to motivate little tikes to pee and poop in the potty.

When your kiddo pees or poops in the potty, award him or her with a sticker.

Simply download & print, and tape to your fridge!

Once the potty chart is full, your excited little one will be sure to remind you it's time to go to the toy store!

You will need:

Sharing it here as a FREE printable for any potty training parents who can use it! Feel free to share! Good luck!


Our Potty Training Success Story:

We tried so many potty training methods with my son (including a potty watch) and nothing worked! Finally our pediatrician suggested an award potty chart.

We give my son a sticker on this potty chart every time he pees or poops. I bought a ice-cream sticker packet from Michael's. He loved flipping through the packet and picking a cute sticker every time. When the chore chart is full, he gets a prize! We go to Toys R' Us or Target and he can pick up a toy.

Finally something worked! He was almost four!!!

Initially he was only able to pee in the potty, but after he mastered that, he learned to poop in it soon after.

We found it helpful to have the following:

1. Small training potty that is his size.
Initially we made the giant mistake of potty training him on the regular toilet for months. This was a bad idea because it is big, loud, and scary. The little potty is just right (just like in Goldilocks and the Three Bears!).  He can easily sit down himself without adult help.

2. A small stool & toilet cushion for when your lil one graduates to the regular toilet.
The small stool is helpful for him to reach the sink to wash his hands. I told my son whenever he's ready he can try going on the big potty. We kept the stool and cushion in the bathroom. One day he said he wanted to try it and after that he just kept going on it!

Good luck parents! 

Don't have a printer or time buy stickers?

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